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Corporate Profile
Anwar Aman
Chief Executive Officer
Radiant Group of Companies
Sardar Aman
Chief Investment Officer
Radiant Group of Companies
Badruddin Kheraj
Chief Financial Officer
Radiant Group of Companies
Rafiq Devji
Chief Operating Officer
Radiant Group of Companies

Radiant Group is essentially a diversified business group comprising of several other businesses in retail, restaurants and real estate. Although the existence of the group as a formal entity is a rather recent development, the key operational components have been in place for quite some time.
The team’s success lies not only in its individual area of competence but in the synergy it has developed between the individuals leading each of these entities. While there is always a demand on performance and accountability, there is admiration and respect for individual abilities, skill sets and divergent views.
Our core business philosophy is simple. We believe and practice in honesty, hard work, good customer service and taking care of people that work with us. We are committed to the people we work with, our customers, our business partners, our lenders – bankers and our employees.
Our goal is to persistently focus on developing new strategies for growth and acquisition in the trading business as well as achieve optimum operational efficiencies in all areas of business that we are currently active in.